The ideal solution for small scale forestry.

Vanguard 14HP V-TWIN OHV engine

The engine is efficient and powerful, consuming just 1.5 litres of fuel per hour. The engine is backed by Vanguard’s global service network and 3-year limited warranty.

Durable track system

When a tracked vehicle loses pressure on the drive wheels, such as for example when turning or going over obstacles, there is a risk that the track comes lose. If the wheel keeps driving the track then it can drive it off completely and “throw the track”.The OX14 drive system allows the wheel to spin in this situations, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of “throwing a track”.


The OX14 is a versatile machine that can be used for many applications. It can be fitted with a number of ready made and custom attachments. At Scottrac we are experts at finding customized solutions for a customer’s unique needs.  Click on the applications tab to read more about the many possibilities for this machine.


Easy to maneuver over steep and soft terrain.

Efficiant timber extraction

The OX14 is very simple to operate so that you can load timber quickly and efficiently. The optional bogie trailer can be loaded in about 10 minutes with 1 cubic meter of timber. The optional hydraulic winch features an auto-release mechanism that allows you to easily draw out the cable to reach felled timber. The winch can pull up to 600 kg when anchored.


Engine Briggs & Stratton 14HP / 2-cyl / 4-stroke / Petrol
Pull capacity 1000 kp (equivalent 1 ton-force)
Working speed 6 km/h
Hydraulic pressure 140 bar
Pump flow 36 l/m
Petrol tank 6 liter
Fuel consumption Approx 1.5 liter per working hour
Length 170 cm
Width 115 cm
Track width 40 cm
Weight with winch 500 kg
Winch lift capacity 300 kg (600 kg when anchored)
Log trailer load capacity 1 cubic meter

The OX 14 is powerful and robust mini forwarder / mini skideer with hydraulic drive.


Transport of tools and materials

The optional transport bed has side walls that can be folded up or down, making the OX14 an ideal solution for applications such as fencing, agriculture, horticulture, maintenance, landscaping, etc.

Carrier for game transport

With the optional game carrier the OX14 becomes the perfect tool for bringing home big game.

Timber Extraction

Logs may be loaded with the simple loader crane or with a fully hydraulic crane arm and grab. Logs can be drug out by the OX or placed on an optional bogie trailer.

Hydraulic Implements

The OX14 can be fitted with various hydraulic implements. In the video above the machine has been fitted with a grapple to clear ditches. The OX14 can also be equipped for fencing work (such as post-hole knockers and augers) and light excavation.