About The Company

Scottrac Ltd is located in Glenfarg, Scotland.  The head office is home to a depot that includes a parts warehouse, vehicle hire fleet, manufacturing and service.

Scottrac Ltd has a rich history dating back to 1988. The vehicle produced was called Glencoe in 1988. The 3000R is our latest vehicle, which began production in 2005. An over view of the Scottrac Vehicle history is provided below:

Scottrac Vehicle History.

A clutch and gearbox ‘skid steer’ vehicle, using the engine and transmission components from a small motorcar. The vehicle sold well to the local hunting and forestry estate market in the United Kingdom.
The Glencoe was converted to hydrostatic drive transmission.
A smaller, fully hydrostatic vehicle that featured high maneuverability and a well balanced mid engine set up. The Glenalmond set new standards in off road performance and was an immediate success.
A much smaller 8×8 vehicle designed to offer heavy duty industrial option to the other light duty plastic bodied eight wheelers on the market.

Scottrac Vehicle History.

The Glencoe was upgraded and marketed as the Hillcat 1700.
The Glenalmond was upgraded ad marketed as Hillcat 1100.
The Glenalmnd/Hillcat 1100 line was upgraded again.
The Hillcat 1700 was upgraded and marketed as the 3000R.

Scottrac is working on the launch of two new vehicles – the XD85, The Yak and an updated Ox14. The AD85 is a major overhaul and upgrade of the Scottrac Vehicle. The OX 14 is a walk-along mini skidder for forestry and farming. The Yak is lightweight tracked ATV with market leading ground pressure figures. Information about all these machines ca be found under Products

Today Scottrac vehicles are in operation all over the Globe in places such as the highlands of Scotland, the forests of Sweden, the mountains of USA and Canada and the deserts in Kuwait to name a few. Vehicles have been used for hunting, farming, personnel transport to remote sites, forestry, geology, fire fighting, snow grooming and many more.

Scottrac Ltd  offers Scottrac vehicle hire, service and support and parts sales for all Scottrac models.